Om InFront


We are one of Northern Europes most Innovative Companys, when it comes to either installation or consulting of Vinyl wrap or Window film. Our primary focus is on Outdoor-media. For example: Store/Window Graphics, vinyl wrap and window film on boats, cars, trucks, aircrafts, and residential or commercial buildings. 

Our goal is to always deliver the best result, which translates in to value for money for our client. Because of our Individual advisement, we are frequently chosen as a valuable parter for costumers, suppliers and fellow colleges.

At Infront, we do not only work with some of the countrys largest graphics companies, and the global campaigns of their internationel costumers. We also help locally orientated similar companies throughout the Country.
Being Certified installers for world leading brands like: 3M and Avery, means that we as a company, can offer a warranty of up to 7 years, on the finished product.

With over 15 years of experience in not only installing, but also training and consulting in vinyl wraps and window films, we are more than capable of solving even the most challenging assignment. We are ready to help your company as well – whether large or small.