We absolutely love wrapping. Because it allows us to change an entire vehicle dramatically in a small amount of time. Which makes it so rewarding to unveil it to a satisfied costumer. 

Car wrapping can be a valuable tool in many different ways, and qualities. Here are some of them:

Short period campaign

In case of a short term advertise or campaign, we have the option of using print vinyl, without the UV resistant laminate, that we usually apply. This is a way to cut cost on the material, and often include removing the wrap as well.

Partial wrap/decoration

In case of fleet branding, there are multiple options. If you want recognizable branding on your vehicles, without fullwrapping them. This is a quite efficient way. (See cases: Otis, Thyssen, Securitas)
It ranges from “just” logos to semi wraps and oversized payoff’s.


The applications are endless. Even the interior of the vehicles can be wrapped. Either for esthetic and modernizing purposes. Or simply to protect from scratches and wear.


If you want to change the appearance of your vehicle completely. This is option you choose. A complete color change, not only gives you the freedom to choose from a wide variety of colors, effects and structures. But it will also give your original paint, protection for years to come. Up to 10 years to be exact.

We have been wrapping since the very start of Infront, and we pride ourself with giving the costumer a result they too can be proud of.


  • Graphic designOur team of graphic designers will in close collaboration with the client, help generate visual rendering beforehand.
  • ColorschemeWe can provide a wide array of colors, textures, like brushed steel, wood, carbon and so on. Even your own design on print…
  • Durability/Warranty As 3M CMS certified installers, we can provide up to 10 years warranty on installation of and on 3M materials.

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