We have been busy leading projects on larger yachts in the past 3 years. Testing materials, conditions, procedures and specializing ourselves in wrapping boats. This puts us in a very select Team of Boatwrapping specialist, which will influence this new and exciting market. For more info: www.yachtwrapping.com


Many boats are pr. definition white. But give your boat a marineblue pinstripe along the side of the haul, and see the instant transformation. This simple detail will not only make the boat seem longer and lower – but will give you the feeling of a new vessel. Even the smallest changes will make a noticeable impact laying in the Marina or cruising in the sea.


If your heart is set on complete color change, specialized logo or design. Then the solution would be a full wrap. Our skilled graphics designer will help you through the detailed layout and 3D rendering of what your boat could look like. But let’s not forget the added bonuses, that a fullwrap provides. For example: if the gelcoat is worn, faded or even cracked, the boat can stil be wrapped, without the costly and very environmentally UNfriendly procedure, that is required to reestablish the gelcoat. 3M provides up to 10 years of warranty on the material!.. And thats not all. There is a significant reduction in drag while sailing. Which means: Greener, more cost efficient sailing due to the reduced fuel consumption.



Interior looking a bit tatty? Almost all boats have been fitted with dark varnished wooden panels. But time, neglect and the elements may have taking a toll on them, leaving them cracked and in disrepair. We can wrap them in a brighter, lighter more modern color. If you look at the case we did in Ibiza. You can see the dark, inclosed, gloomy interior come to life. In this case we used Satin pearl white. But there are many options. Ranging from mat, satin, gloss, leather, wood, carbon all in every color imaginable. The choice is yours….





  • Graphic design – Our team of graphic designers will in close collaboration with the client, help generate visual rendering beforehand.
  • Colorscheme – We can provide a wide array of colors, textures, like brushed steel, wood, carbon and so on. Even your own design on print…
  • Durability/Warranty – As 3M CMS certified installers, we can provide up to 10 years warranty on installation of and on 3M materials.

See examples of our work here